Terms & Conditions

The present contract is made between Definite Area Company and the person (hereinafter referred to as “Client”, “Trader” or “Customer”) who has opened a trading account with the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).
The user agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website.
An individual must be over the age of 18 years or older to engage in any activity on the Site and to maintain a trading account with the Company.
If it is discovered that the person holding the account is under the age required by law, the account will be deactivated and discontinued.

Usage of the platform

1.1 This Agreement, including the addenda, has been read and accepted in full by the Customer and he acknowledges its contents and conditions.
1.2 The Website contains the information which is presented for the Customer’s use.
Furthermore, the Client is authorized to access the trading platform.
1.3 The Company shall be entitled to develop the trading account, upgrade its level or type, and update or edit the Website or the General Conditions of Use if it is reasonably confirmed that it is advantageous to the Client.
1.4 Adoption of these Terms of Use shall take effect from the moment of their introduction.
1.5 The Client accepts the amendments made until he has not informed the Company of his intention to terminate the Agreement or to endorse any changes by continuing to use the Trading Platform.
1.6 Any use of a technical implementation system or the use of a robot possessing artificial intelligence analysis in systems on the Company’s Platform are strictly prohibited to the Client.


– All company operations are aimed at complying with AML policies and protecting against money laundering and terrorist financing.
– In the event of any questionable activity, any involvement in money laundering and any interaction with malicious actors, the Company reserves the right to refuse to fulfil any obligations.
-Each Client of the Company in accordance with AML and KYC Policies is required to comply with the Company’s mandatory Terms and Conditions and to complete the verification procedure.
-The transferred funds must be sent to the Company using a bank account or credit/debit card which is under the account holder’s name with the Company.
– The withdrawn from the Client’s trading account funds (all or part) must be transferred to a bank account or credit/debit card issued under the name of the account holder with the Company.
-Every account will be deemed inoperative if it has been opened under the same name by mistake. There can only be one account opened under the name of one Client.


Any information received from the Client, such as account information and transactions, will be protected by the Company.
The Company undertakes to ensure the security and confidentiality of any personal information by applying all security procedures and anti-fraud measures to guarantee the security of the Client’s electronic operations.


– Providing a color scan of your ID card (both sides) / passport (double-page spread) / driver’s license (both sides) is compulsory.
-The Company requires a scanned color copy of the utility bill (or any other suitable document), indicating the name of the Client, the actual address and the valid date of issue (not more than 3 months old), in order to confirm the home address.
– To verify the transaction, the company requires color scanned copies or photos of the debit/credit card used by the client to make the deposit. (the Client undertakes to secure the personal CVV number on the backside of the card before providing copies to the Company)
On the front and back sides of the credit/debit card, the last 4(four) digits must remain visible as well as the signature on the back. The first 12(twelve) digits of the credit/debit card number may be concealed.


Any person or entity in a particular jurisdiction or any resident of a particular jurisdiction is expressly forbidden to use or duplicate this information for any unlawful activity or any other purpose that contravenes the laws of any applicable jurisdiction, the company’s articles of incorporation and/or any of its subsidiaries.

The information presented on the Site and the Site itself, instruments and other content, as well as service information, may not be transferred by any person or entity within the current jurisdiction.
In order to avoid any illegal act or infringement as well as disclosure of prohibited material uploaded by the Customer that may infringe the rights of the Company, the Customer is obliged to accept and comply with the terms and conditions by fulfilling all the requirements established for the proper use of the website and its facilities.


Liability for any exceptional, accidental, direct or any kind of indirect damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of commercial profits, governmental decrees, currency operations, instability on financial markets with a sharp drop in liquidity, in addition to any other financial damages resulting from the use or improper use of the service, even if the Company has been notified of such damages in advance, under no circumstances, including customer cancellation, shall be excluded by the Company.


The copyright in the screens and web pages on which the Website (www.definite-area.com) is contained and any resources on the Website belong to the Company.


Hereby this Agreement is concluded between www.definite-area.com (hereinafter the “Company” under the trade mark Definite Area) and the Client holding a trading account on the Company’s online trading platform acknowledged by the Company as the Client (hereinafter the ” Customer” or the “Client”) in accordance with the terms set out in this Agreement.


The concluded Agreement includes all lawfully enclosed documents submitted between the Company and the Client under which the Company’s trading platform sets out the terms on which the Company will assist the Client in placing orders and conducting trades, if necessary.
Prior to executing transactions on the trading platform, the Client must undergo an identification procedure by submitting the relevant documents in accordance with the terms and conditions of Definite Area.
If the relevant information has not been previously provided by the Customer, the Company may decide to close the Customer’s account (temporarily or permanently).
In addition, the Company reserves the right to reject the account opening application either with or without confirmation.


Creating an account with a company:

– To open an account, first complete the application form.
The application for opening an account is at the Company’s sole discretion.
– The Client will be required to make a deposit in case the Company approves the Client’s request to open a trading account.
The Company will charge the transferred amount to the Client’s account when the funds are remitted. Once the above conditions are met, the account will be active.


The Client may transfer funds to an account specified by the Company in accordance with the purpose by transferring the allowable amount of money in the Client’s bank account in order to perform the necessary operation.

The Company offers the following payment methods: credit card / debit card / bank transfer / bitcoin transfer services for depositing funds into account.
The minimum initial deposit is limited to 200.

At Definite Area’s discretion, the methods of payment presented on the trading platform may be supplemented, expanded or changed.


Definite Area Payment methods:
– Bank transfer
– Credit/Debit/Prepaid card
– Cryptocurrency transfer

Funds that have been deposited by the Client to the trading account will be available as soon as the Client provides the Company with confirmation of payment after using the appropriate payment methods.
From the moment of making a transaction, the amount transferred to the account remains available for withdrawal until the Company makes a discretionary transfer decision at the earliest 14 (fourteen) calendar days.

Funds can be withdrawn only by the account holder. At Company’s discretion withdrawal method may differ from payment methods used previously.

The amount transferred to your credit card may differ from your payment amount due to exchange rate fluctuations and fees charged by credit card issuers in case the base currency you selected is different from the base currency in your bank account.

Therefore, the Client confirms that there is such a distinction, and will not attempt to anticipate the overhead.

Compliance with AML policy presupposes using only a bank account that is available in your country of residence and on your behalf when making transfers through a bank account.

An actual SWIFT confirmation or receipt attesting to the fact of the transfer is also required to be submitted.
Refusal to provide such SWIFT confirmation will prevent the transfer of the outstanding amounts to your trading account.
Withdrawals will be made from your trading account only to the bank account where the funds were initially transferred from.

In order to provide the financial services we offer, the Company ensures that we take all reasonable precautions to guarantee the security of credit card handling.
The credit card information, as well as any personal data used to process orders submitted on the Definite Area website, will be treated as strictly confidential.

The Company is not responsible for security breaches occurring on your electronic device (personal computer or any other electronic device that is used to view the Site), as the reason may be in the absence of appropriate anti-virus software or spyware programs that may be installed on the device being used.


1. Commissions may be charged by the Company to Customers when carrying out transactions, as agreed between the parties and unless otherwise agreed.
For more precise information you should contact the Customer Service Department, as bank charges are permanently changing.

2. For the provision of Services to the Trader, the Company generally receives a fee by executing trades at prices that provide a premium, discount and/or bid/offer ratio. Usually the commission is deducted from the account of the seller per transaction, but can extend to other conditions determined by the Company at a certain time. However, The trader acknowledges that these commissions may change constantly, based on many factors, such as market conditions, currency pairs, other financial instruments in the market, etc.

3. Generally, the Company provides transaction services to the Customer in accordance with prices which include a bonus, discount and/or offer/allocation of orders. The transaction fee is mainly debited from the Customer’s account, but may also be linked to other terms and conditions which are set by the Company at certain times.

4. A processing fee is additionally charged when the Company transfers funds to the Client from the Trading Account.

5. In the case of all active positions that remain open daily after the end of the trading session, a swap fee at a fixed rate may be applied.

6. In addition, the Company retains the right to make periodic changes in commission fees and percentages, notifying the Client thereof.

7. Based on this, the Commission of the Company is entitled to periodically modify the amount and percentage of its commission fee, subsequently informing the Client.


1. The Customer confirms his consent to become acquainted with the Company bonus policy, in case he registers as a participant of the Company’s bonus program or if he agrees to receive bonuses or any other Company funds.

2. The company’s offers of additional bonuses to the client, when the client disagrees to this offer, do not have any effect on the cooperation between the client and the company.

3. The Company has developed the specifics and features for promotions and bonuses, considering other forms of incentives for the Clients. Meanwhile, the Company has an opportunity to choose the Clients according to the offers received in a specific thematic direction. Special promotions or bonuses will be available to Clients under the same conditions. At the same time the Client is obliged to familiarize thoroughly with all characteristics of the offered bonus. The present contract is absolutely binding for the Client during the whole period of bonus use.
4. To manage bonuses on the part of the Client a necessary level of knowledge in the field of trading is required. When using bonuses or promotions it is possible not only not to make a profit, but also to incur losses without due qualification. During CFD trading there are a risk of losing bonus funds.
5. Bonuses are prohibited from being sold or transferred to third parties. Bonuses and promotions are credited to a specific trading account under certain conditions and are not transferable to any other trading account.

6. The Company establishes the period of validity of offers and bonuses. All offers are subject to the terms and conditions of all bonuses. The Company has the right to cancel the offer if the Client refuses to accept the terms. At the same time, the terms of bonus or promotion cannot be changed without the Company’s prior notification.

7. For bonuses and promotions, only the same currency that is the main currency of the Customer’s account is used.

8. The Company may discontinue bonuses or close the Client’s trading account in case the Company has any suspicions that the Client is abusing the Company’s actions or violating agreement relations between the Company and the Client.

9. Consideration of the request to withdraw funds from the Bonus Account will be made only after the necessary trading volume is reached (bonus amount *7 in lots), as well as in case the Bonus amount has been substituted for the Client’s own funds.

10. Maintenance of the account with the Company’s credits is limited to withdrawals based on repayment or in accordance with the turnover agreement.


CFD means a derivative asset utilized by the Client for a certain purpose of obtaining income at the expense of changes in the basic asset. When opening a long position, the investor assumes that the value of the underlying asset will increase. Conversely, a short position is chosen, if there is confidence that the market value of the underlying asset is not going to fall. It is important to take into account when trading that unforeseen changes in market information and government policies can lead to dramatic changes.

With CFDs taken into account, small changes can significantly affect profit margins. If the value of the underlying asset turns out to be unfavorable, it may be necessary to return the margin to the provider. At violation by the Client of margin requirements the Provider additionally reserves the possibility to close the client position, as otherwise the Client will be forced to realize it with a loss of profit.


The impact of market conditions on many financial processes might increase the risk of loss. If the underlying asset market is insufficiently traded, your retained contract may become undervalued. Under these conditions, your CFD provider is liable to charge you additional margin or the contract may be terminated at an undervalue.
As the composition of the financial market changes rapidly, the price of a CFD contract may decrease until your trade is executed at the price specified in the contract, this is also referred to as a ‘gap’. Thus, the owner of the contract will have to count on the sub-optimal returns or absorb the losses caused by the provider of the CFD.


To reduce the perceived risks in CFD trading, a stop loss order can help.
A guaranteed stop loss order, offered by some CFD providers, is a pre-determined price at which the contract will automatically close.
However, their use may result in illiquid assets and large losses when trading CFDs despite the small initial investment and possible profits.

The risks associated with the use of borrowed funds are important to assess when deciding whether to participate in one of these types of investments. The possibility of loss may be greater than previously anticipated.


Customer hereby fully accepts and agrees to be bound by Definite Area, its officers, agents or employees hereunder, and to bear full liability for any damages, losses, expenses or costs resulting from Customer’s non-compliance with its obligations specified in this Agreement and in connection with the violation of any requirements of applicable laws in force or regulation.

Definite Area shall be entitled to deduct the amount from any balance of the Customer’s open account with Company Definite Area, in the event that the Customer is financially liable to the directors, officers or employees of Company Definite Area within the compensation referred to in the preceding paragraph.
In this case, subsequent payments on the Client’s own initiative and with the consent of the Client to his/her trading account will be considered as confirmation of the high quality level of services provided by Definite Area.

Communication of the Company with the Client shall be in English. By prior agreement, any other language appropriate to both parties to the Agreement may be chosen. The Company may modify or supplement this Agreement or its terms and conditions from time to time without the Client’s consent by publishing changed terms and conditions on the Site.

The text of this Agreement has been drafted in the English language. In the event of any discrepancy of understanding between the translated version of this Agreement and the English version, the English version shall prevail. Should any complaints arise, the client may contact [email protected] to resolve them. It can take up to 7-10 business days to review the application.

In case of absence of transactions made through the trading account of the Client, or extremely low activity of the Client for the period set by the Company (agreed in advance between the Client and the Manager), as well as if there is a minimum balance on the trading account of the Client, the Company reserves the right to charge a commission for conducting trades on inactive trading accounts.

The amount of the minimum amount to be managed on a permanent basis is set by the Company. These conditions are set by the Company. If the amount of payment is invalid, the Company will provide the Client with additional information in the specified cases.

The Company reserves the right, in the event of termination of this Agreement, to limit or completely close both part and all of the current open positions and/or provide access to the Client’s trading account.